Key 2066 – Hosea 14

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2066

Our study of Hosea continues with chapter 14. Few readers understand the enormous practical application of this book on modern government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 17, 2020

Show Notes


  • Amy Coney Barrett

Paul’s Notes

Hosea 4:6 – Lack of knowledge; How to see and hear; Incorrect understanding – Humility required; Israel = priest to all nations; Who is blind?; Relating parables; Casting pearls to swine; Facts matter; Straightening the way; Networking Christ’s way; Double standards in persecution; Kingdom tracks; Acting upon truthful knowledge; RNA vaccine testing; Salvation – from what?; Rejecting God’s word; Hosea 4:12; “gods” many; Deciding good and evil; Isaiah and Jeremiah’s confirmation; Christians not recognizing the gospel; “Worship”; John 10:3; Missing the word in front of you; “Study”; Satan’s truth; We are our own danger; Working for world governments; Cursing your children; Jer 4:22 Foolishness; Accepting Christ; Knowing God’s mission for you; Nurturing mercy; Hosea 6:6; Exercising authority; Putting on God’s armor; Humpty Dumpty; Warring against reality; Utopia; Rejecting knowledge of God; Adam and Eve revisited; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Perfecting Christ within you; Sophistry – changing word meanings; “Court packing”; “Originalist” or “Textualist”; Biblical constitutions?; “Gulag Archipelago”; Mao’s spirit lives today; Throwing away your sight; Finding reason in unreason; Advocating kingdom; War on Poverty; Offices of power vs service; No king in Israel; Destroying good food; Hosea 10:3; Befriending unrighteous mammon; Electing the perfect king; 1 Sam 8; Making your change; What’s righteous?; Alice’s adventures; Calling good evil -> persecution; Hosea 10:4; Oregon’s felons in office; 1 Cor 8:5 “gods/lords many”; Gal 4:8; Acts 19:26; Webster’s dictionary changing definitions on demand; Bible words changing; Religion = what you DO; Temples; Altars; Red Heifer; Admitting you’ve been deceived and deluded; Kingdoms divided by parties; Christ’s “command” for gathering; Repenting and seeking the kingdom; Shutdown’s catastrophic consequences; Fear not!; Only one denomination!

Notable Segments

[00:10:10] How Israel functioned before a king
[01:29:37] True definitions for temples, altars, golden calf


[00:04:50] “I will forget your children.”
[00:08:12] Hosea’s message about having knowledge that other people don’t is the same as Jesus’ parable of “casting your pearls before swine”.
[00:15:35] COVID vaccine tests
[00:21:40] Hosea 4:12 – Gone a whoring under their god.
[00:28:40] If you’re getting benefits by force, you’re not listening to Christ.
[00:30:00] Study to show thyself approved = be diligent
[00:33:07] Margeret Thatcher interview regarding hardcore leftists
[00:37:50] Blocking hormones in children for changing genders is child abuse
[00:52:53] Proper characteristics of a minister
[00:54:26] Changing the meanings of words: “court-packing”,”originalist”, “textualist”, religion
[00:58:56] Constitution is not a biblical document
[01:01:54] Story from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s book “The Gulag Archipelago” – changing words in the moment
[01:10:10] How Israel functioned before a king
[01:29:37] True definitions for temples, altars, golden calf

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