Key 1023 – Visualizing the Network

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1023

A difference between HHC and other online networks is that HHC is about physically coming together with one another. We have to learn how to become a peculiar people who do not pray to benefactors of the state but turn around, putting into action loving one another as we go in the direction of Christ’s message. Learn the lesson of Joshua 22.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 5, 2010

Show Notes

church belongs to Christ
CNN program
local networks
force, fear and violence
desire to serve
living stones
the wolf of Rome
feed my sheep
look to one another
spirit of Christ
servants of Christ
early churches
free souls under God

Notable Segments

[00:11:27] Look to your local community.
[00:27:41] What was said to the Tribe of Ruben
[00:47:45] Never lose sight of the whole network


[00:08:08] Turn around and come together in the Kingdom.
[00:11:27] Look to your local community.
[00:18:22] Joshua 22 Be there for your neighbor.
[00:27:41] What was said to the Tribe of Ruben
[00:43:24]  Early church history
[00:47:45] Never lose sight of the whole network

Paul’s Notes

Comments on CNN Feature – (World’s Untold Stories – Christians Unplugged), Interest world-wide, Growing the Network, “Love thy Neighbor” in operation, Acting locally – thinking globally, Visualizing the network, Joshua 22, The “Cora” story, How to be free, “We are all kings”, Where we are today – back in Babylon, How to escape, Weeding out the tares, John 3:16, More about Reuben, Living Altars, Are your leaders manifesting the spirit of Christ?, God’s promise, The return of the kings, Were The “Dark” Ages really that dark?, Striving for our neighbor, Can this work?, What do I do next?


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