Key 1022 – CNN Feature Airs

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 1022

CNN came out to Summer Lake to interview Brother Gregory and others. The show, The World’s Untold Story, will be aired soon. An article has preceded the video show and Brother Gregory fields questions, comments and misconceptions posted below the online article.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 29, 2010

Show Notes

  • tents
  • CNN
  • contact ministers
  • envy
  • naysayers
  • feast of the tabernacle
  • faith, hope and charity
  • Abraham
  • man-created government
  • live without unrighteous mammon
  • Christ oriented
  • self-supporting
  • good shepherd
  • living network
  • Christian Exodus
  • Davy Crockett
  • Moses
  • making government an idol
  • homeschooling
  • federal contracts

Notable Segments

[00:15:17] Creating a new grid for community
[00:40:40] Turn around and focus on getting into the Kingdom of God


[00:03:17] Responses to CNN article comments
[00:09:08-00:12:46] (gregbio)
[00:15:17] Creating a new grid for community
[00:27:21] Correcting misunderstandings of CNN article
[00:32:29-00:35:46} (gregbio)
[00:35:47] About Christian Exodus (00:34:51-00:35:11 Davey Crockett)
[00:40:40] Turn around and focus on getting into the Kingdom of God

Paul’s Notes

Featured link on CNN main page!, Reading of the article, commentary, Why Brother Gregory lives in Summer Lake, Why is Brother Gregory “Brother Gregory”?, Social Welfare of the ancient Israelites, Rebuttal of “abandoning society”, Commentary on commentary, Pharisees vs Essenes, What is “His Holy Church”?, Withholding judgment, Shepherding analogies, Church vs Government, Davey Crockett story, Breakdown of the Family, What Christ was telling us to do, Corban of the Pharisees, Avoiding “pigeon-holing”, Where to focus our efforts, Repenting, The Kingdom is not a Welfare State, What does “in my name” really mean?, Feasts and Families, Building a community with Faith, Hope, and Charity.


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