Key 2280 – Offices of Authority – Part 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2280

The family, God’s ultimate institution, is the basis for the law of government. Brutish fathers (and governments) are feared, not loved and respected.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 3, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Finding our way; Progression of Rome; Christ preached a government; Communicating with God; Fixing things beyond our control; Inflation; Suicide; The Garden; “Safe” places; Name-calling; “Age of reason”; Making people reasonable; Muhammad; Group vs individual; White Pine confederation of tribes; Manifest Destiny; Societal struggles; Law of Nature; Dominion; Cows and trees; Dressing and keeping; The right to be ruled by God; “Mankind”; Wilson’s election; Origins of government; WWI deaths vs WWII deaths; Single-battle death tolls; Armor vs technology; Culture matters; Societal progression-regression cycle; Taking kingdom from the Pharisees; Tree of Life; Kingdom AND Righteousness; No oppressing your brother; Individual rights; Family = procreation; Taking kingdom away from Pharisees; Lk 19:32; LK 22:29; Lk 22:25; Understanding Christianity; Creating chaos; Spirit of Cain; Opportunities to learn; Covetousness; Benefits; Ps 69:22; Unchanging God; Ro 11:9; Reasons to war; Fear and panic; Utopia; Society without taxation; Government offices of service; “Covenants of the gods” book; Marriage terms; Ownership of children; Bonds of society; Seeking kingdom first; Ruthlessness of nature; Violence does not bring peace; “Love” that giveth life; The key to liberty; Office of “man”; And “woman”; Pater familias; “Elder”; Finding your way back to the kingdom; “civil” law; Getting to utopia; Dystopia; Respect in the family; Light of THE truth; Allowing Holy Spirit into your heart; Devouring children; Finding the real power; The new normal; Sexual revolution?; Get back to basics.

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