Key 2279 – Offices of Authority – Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2279

Caesar was considered the “Savior of Rome” when Jesus was anointedSavior of Judea”. America and the world are facing so many issues today because modern Christians are clueless about what Godly offices of authority are.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 26, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Militia; Voluntary government; Statutes; Law of Nature; Rights and responsibilities; Oregon Measure 114; Health Crisis; Ministers of the beast; Protecting your community; Having a free society; Roman government offices; “genus”; Volunteers vs mercenaries; Big and little tyrants; Jesus as king; Following His way; Listening to God; Becoming the light to the world; Listening to Holy Spirit; Meditation; Francis of Assisi; Strengthening community; Premonition; Keeping the commandments; Covetous practices; Whose side are you on?; God’s purpose for you; Rome and Tarquinian kings; Usurpation; Commitment to serve your fellow man; Doubting the lie; Atheists; Conversions; Pacta servanda sunt; Persecution of Christians; Police in the kingdom?; Saturninus trials; Organization of Roman government; Degeneration of the people; Returning every man to his family; Repent and seek the Kingdom of God.

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