Key 2266 – Gospel of Matthew – Introduction

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2266

In order to fully understand the Gospel of Matthew, one must first confront the errors in their current understanding of the bible, including how often it was mistranslated.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 8, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Natural/scientific laws; Miracles; Gravity; Mathematics; Inspired bible; Evidence of truth; Biblical contradictions; Private interpretation; Setting aside accepted lies; God’s love for the world; Love requires choice; Bondage; Inheriting rights; Septuagint; Masoretic text; Holy Spirit is 100% accurate; Biblical versions; Translational sources; Seeking Holy Spirit guidance; Mt 1:23 and Isa 7:14; Two witnesses; Doing away with false interpretation; Early Church functionality; Matthew’s canonical gospel; Synoptic; Preach to the whole “world”; “Creature”; Institutions; Anti-Christ spirits; Historical Rome; Bonds of free society; Insurance; Christs commands for gathering; Anonymous “Matthew”; Translating Hebrew; Dominion over men?; Mt 28:5; Matthew writing to Jews; Divine nature of Jesus; Constantinian differences; Leading by Holy Spirit; Rewards of Hell; Circumstantial translations; Dainties of rulers; Civil law = systems of jurisprudence; Destroyers of liberty; Central treasury warnings; Sureties for debt = bondage; Sharing good news audios; More on two witnesses; Heart and soul; Doing the will of the father; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Repent and think Christ’s way.

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