Key 2259 – What is Fervent Charity?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2259

The kingdom of the early church had a social welfare system built on fervent charity. Compare that to the legal charity participated in by modern Christians and gentiles alike.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 27, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

“The Word” (logos), Understanding right reason; 1 Pe 4:8; (Fervent) Charity covers sins; Selfish society; “Tao”; Law of nature; Tribalism; Valuing sacrificing for others; Finding God’s righteousness; Idolatry/covetousness; Function of temples; Greed for gain; Socialism; Sons of God; Sureties for debt; Legal (binding) charity; Welfare snare; One purse; Dark ages?; Pathos and Ethos; Gathering as Christ commanded; Signs in the sun; Laying down your life for your fellow man; Forgiveness; Grace; Levites; Ordained ministers; Knowing the Holy Spirit; Public religion; “Ekklesia”; Redistributing wealth; Following false churches; Destruction of Corinth; Addiction to benefits; Government stimulus; Contextualizing scripture; Capitalism’s free society; Repent = think differently; Who owns you?; Ex 20:6; Loving Christ’s commandments; Deut 5:10; Jn 14:15; Jn 14:21; No king but Christ; Ekklesia vs free assemblies; Belong to Christ.

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