Key 2258 – A Deeper, Richer Logos

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2258

The Greek word “rhema” is a much better fit than “logos” for the simple term “word”. Logos has a much richer meaning. In fact, logos was even used occasionally to refer to an ID used by church ministers.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 27, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Fall festival; Connecting with others; Keys of the Kingdom; Information online; Holy Spirit; Nature of delusion; Logos – Pathos – Ethos association; Pathos = emotions; Ethos = authority/trust; Logos = Right reason – reality; Mosesburning bush; De-escalation video; Dangers of assuming; Police and Ethos; Respecting “persons”; Looking at all the facts; Revelation and the Tree of Life; Christ’s instructions; Moses and Christ in agreement; Moses’ assignment; Understanding logos; Relating bible to reality; Being free souls under God; Bondage of Egypt; Being subjects to debt; Jesus came to set the captive free; Human resources; Abraham’s journey; Codifying laws; Welfare systems; Sitting in darkness; Making America great; Welfare by The Church; Freewill offerings; vs Taxation; Arming IRS; Ekklesia; Age of reason; Applying “Church”; Biblical “word”; “world”; “Logos” is more than just “word”; Identification; Augustus vs Jesus; Temples built without hands; Fear not!; Operate by faith, hope and charity; Removing history; Willingness to see the whole truth; Contextual understanding; Witchcraft; Julius Caesar; Importance of family; Repent = think differently; Imagining you are free; Pursuing the logos of Christ; Joining the network; Accessing Holy Spirit; Going another way; Helping you see the truth; Roman republic; Gaius Julius Caesar; Returning men to their family; You belong to the government; Numbered for benefits; Reason!; Making God’s word to none effect; Keeping commandments; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Preacher ethos; Admitting denial of Christ; John 17 – world hating; Counterfeit sons of God; Taking oaths?; Loving your neighbor; Why gather?; Becoming free; Cities of Refuge; Join the Living Network.

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