Key 2257 – Practical Ekklesia

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2257

It is simplistic to consider the Greek word “ekklesia” to mean “church”. The specific ekklesia of Jesus were “called out” for a strategic purpose that modern churches fail to comprehend.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 13, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

“Ekklesia”; Advocating home Church gatherings; Being led away from the kingdom of God; The called out; Not just “assembly”; Draco of Athens – 600BC Ekklesia; Church = one form of government; Misuse of “Church”; Separate from the world; Offices of service; “Agora”; Unarmed Spartans; Understanding real history; Assembling the puzzle; Strategists; The error of democracy; Direct/Indirect democracies; vs Republics; The Saul Syndrome; Social Welfare by Charity alone; Libera res publica; THE doctrine of Christ; Ekklesia as a governing body; Electing a different Christ; Symposia; Purpose of ekklesia; Jesus’ 70; Moses70; Sanhedrin; Draconian; Media distractions; Corruption in Samuel’s time; NT Waiting on tables; Returning power to the people; Minister representatives; Windows to the kingdom; Controlling your wealth; Rich pastors; Strengthening the bonds of your free society; Abiding in His love; Understanding your need for repentance; Feeding sheep; Do the will of the Father.

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