Key 2260 – Practical Pentecost

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2260

Modern Christians have a fluffy, superficial view of Pentecost. Only the practical actions carried out in the daily ministration of the early church will lead to a version of Pentecost today.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 3, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

The solution to all the world’s problems; Sin; Wrath of God; Christ’s instructions; Strong delusion; “Born again”; Testing your faith; Doctrine of Jesus Christ; Identity politics vs Individual; “Jesus Christ” – not a name; “Christ” is a title – what’s the significance?; Who’s your christ/king/president/ruler?; Seeing truth about yourself; “logos”; Recognizing distorted truth; Taxation and exemptions; Only one denominator for Christians; Christ acting as king; Kingdom not of this world; Mt 10:34; “sword”; Guns; Leading of the Holy Spirit; Conformity to doctrine of Jesus; Pentecost; The Way; Identity religion; Measuring the kingdom; Home congregating; Practicality; Repentance; “Corban”; Centurions; Making word of God to none effect; Charity; vs Force; Baptism of Christ; Synagogues of Christ; Gathering in free assemblies; Legal charity; Saving yourself?; Cain; Doers, not sayers; Saying lies?; “Adamah”; Cain vs Abel; Living stones; Social Security; Sureties for debt; God of reason; John 9:22; Conjuring salvation; John Locke; Jeffersonian bible; Idolatry; Understanding context; Nazareth?; Essenes; Table of devils; Saul’s folly; Forced offerings; Political Jesus; Post-Pentecostal society; What repentance looks like; Government of, for and by the people; Permitting choice; Perfect law of liberty; Kingdom of God at hand; Setting neighbors free; Christ was king; Other nations; Appointing a kingdom to the apostles; Rules for His kingdom; Knowing Christ; Preaching Christ first; Rabbit trails vs rabbit holes; Mt 21:43; Losing liberty; Crucifixion; Ekklesia; The seventy; Acts 2:46; Seeking His kingdom and grace; Putting children into debt; Making God’s word TO effect; Staying rational; Synagogues of Satan; Find your synagogue.

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