Key 2240 – Our Pharisaical Version of Christianity

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2240

Definitions of simple words like “elder” have been confused by Pharisaical interpretations and Constantinian churches.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 4, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Setting the captive free; Herod’s legitimacy; Corruption; Interpreting scripture; Agreeing on meaning; What’s “good”?; “Light” of Christ; Combining DNA; Where is spirit?; Elders; Understanding early church; Appointing elders; Greek “father”; Why Romans were in Judea; Christ’s claim to kingship; Church government; Modern church differences; Doctrine of Jesus; Trauma; Mt 24:11; Are you being deceived?; Surviving writings; Ambrose the bishop; Pagans; Constantine’s church; Rich Christ?; Weakening society; Receiving salvation; Righteous sacrifice; Lk 6:26; Inheritance tax; No income tax in the kingdom; Repent from nonsense.

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