Key 2239 – The Daily Ministration of True Worship

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2239

Jesus used legal precedence from the time of King David to re-install a parallel system of government and social welfare for those who rejected the baptism of Rome and the services offered by its temples.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 4, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Banking today; Why history is important; Doctrine of Jesus; Your tree of knowledge; Tree of life; Fake Good News; Modern church vs Early Church; Church established by Christ; Covetous Pharisees; Owning nothing; Censoring truth; “Legal Title”; Killing care; Failure of Communism; Finding lies; Counterfeit Holy Spirit; “Elders”; Offices of The Church; Deacon; “Tens”; Systems of free societies; Legal covetousness; Families; Bishop Ambrose; Normal?; Constantinian church difference; Early Church writers; Choice strengthens community; Christian “relief”; Working together; Operating charity; Edict of Milan; Freedom of Religion; Augustus Caesar; Early Senate; Binding people; The cost of religion; “The State”; Recognizing free society; Temple religion; Christ’s way; Baptism; Evidence of daily ministration; The job of The Church; Iniquity and idolatry; Corban of Christ; Anointing; Are you anointed?; Acts 2:46; Redistribution of wealth; Strengthening the poor; Ministry (Diakonia); Acts 11:29; Acts 14:1; Neglecting widows; Centralizing treasuries; Bonds in a free society; Learning to work together; Modern Church neglect; Temple dependence; The Egyptian way; Returning to liberty under God; Welfare?; Banning private religion; “Corban”; Cain and Abel; Nimrod – provider instead of God; Laboring for the government; The “way” of Christ; Becoming perfect savages; Finding The Church; Using dictionaries?; Podcasts; Returning to Pure Religion; Socialism is not Christian; Helping others; Images of Heaven; Christ new world order; Church restrictions; Believing in Jesus; Learn to work together.

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