Key 2241 – Identifying Your Problem

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2241

Were the Pharisees correct on their interpretation of the Old Testament? When Deuteronomy 7 said “smite” and “destroy” what did Moses actually write?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 11, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Bankers are not your problem; The way back to liberty; Great apostasy; Substitute Holy Spirit; Trinity?; Souls free to choose; Hierarchy of values; Non-Christian doctrines; Translating Hebrew; Double-tav; The constitution is not your salvation; Nicaean council; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Building the kingdom of God; Elders; Free assemblies; Your comforter; Working righteousness; Loaves and fishes; Organizing a free nation; Loving Gods nature; Lost in translation; Doctrine of Jesus; Finding the Holy Spirit; Deut 7; Canaanites; Traffickers of men; “Freemont”; Coming to neighbor’s aid; Robbing Israelites; Daily ministration; To whom do you pray when in need?; What made America great?; Strengthening society; Charity vs “legal charity”; Becoming human resources; Winning via the “way” of God; “smite” – nun-kof-hey; Finding meaning in context; vav-hey-kof-yod-tav-mem?; variation in Hebrew meaning; Utterly destroy?; chet-resh-mem? Or tav-chet-resh-yod-mem?; Faith!; Delivering by faith; Israelites were priests to all nations; Not making covenants; chet-nun-nun? Or tav-chet-nun-mem; Showing no favor; Sheriff story; Rules of the legal system; Pacta servanda sunt = agreements must be kept; Showing favor example; Samuel/Saul showing favor example; Translational misunderstandings; Synod of Elvira; Putting your faith into action; No king in Israel; Uniting by love; Networking care; Red heifer; Seeking kingdom and righteousness; Worldly churches; Marrying Canaanites; Progressive socialism; Redistributing wealth; Understanding Christ’s way; Practice and persevere; Wrath of God; Having the heart of God; Deut 7:4 “Destroy” – shem-mem-dalet; Traitorous translators; Deut 7:5 Destroy – nun-tav-tzedek? Or tav-tav-tzedek-vav; Note the extra letters – double tav; Faith in spirit and truth = doing; Living in darkness; Lively stones; Breakdown of societyfamily first; “Pillar” – torn down by faith; Change your world.

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