Key 2238 – Pacta Servanda Sunt

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2238

The principle of “pacta servanda sunt” or “agreements must be kept” is what legally holds us in bondage because we chose to eat the dainties and deceitful meats of rulers who exercise authority.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 28, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Pacta Servanda Sunt; Intent makes the agreement; Owing allegiance; Reserves; Sinning in the eyes of God; Covetous practices; Ex 23:32; Jesus in accord with Moses; Wise giving to strengthen; Mercy; Deut 7:2; “Dainties” of the king; Pure Religion; Mt 20:25 = Mk 10:42 = Lk 22:25; Not to be that way with us; What brought you into bondage?; Self-sufficiency; Are you repenting?; Thinking like Christ; Bank notes; “Stagecoach”; Cashless society; Being the bad guy!; Legalizing the Christian Church; Covetousness is NOT OK; Finding The Church; Following the Holy Spirit; Reserve Funds; Rationing; Faking repentance; New Deal Christian church; Having another king; Fascism; Democratic socialist leaders; Real money; Legal tender purchases legal title; Caring about your neighbor; Addiction to entitlements; Is your fate sealed?; Wrath of God = Consequence; Repent now.

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