Key 2237 – Living Liberty

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2237

People have returned to the bondage of Egypt because they are unaware of the Roman law principle of “pacta servanda sunt” or “agreements must be kept”. And the US Constitution provided for the right to contract while ignoring 4 of the 5 elements required for a biblical constitution.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 28, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Capitalism haters; Means of production; Vocabulary triggers; Spreading falsehoods; Fake money; Industrial history; Christ the capitalist; Weakening the poor; Capitalist banks?; Schools as Tools; Reece Commission; Liberty under God; Creating the alternative; Pharisee’s incorrect interpretation; “Pacta servanda sunt”; Keeping your agreements; Living liberty; 2 Thess 2:9; Who is “Satan”?; Believing a lie; Pleasure in unrighteousness; Guns in schools; Degradation of society; Seeking beyond symptoms; Loving the truth; What are you missing?; Living at the expense of others; Saving your children; Natural laws; Human capital; Owning your labor; Social Security (Corban); Defaming whistle-blowers; “CFR”; Fake news; United Nations; Recognizing the problem; Mark of the beast; Advocating Christ; Colonel Curtis Bean Dall; Hearing the whole truth; (Louis) McHenry Howe; Coveting neighbor’s goods; Ten Commandments; Sabbath; Deceitful meats; “My Exploited Father-in-law”; Mammon; “Capital”; Loving your neighbor; Sureties for debt = assets; Dominion; 2 Peter 2:3; 2 Tim 3:1; Becoming merchandise; Breaking down families; Natural affection; Repentance; Forms of godliness; What you need to do; Spotted religion; Trying early Christians; Counting the cost; Justin’s apology; Strong delusion; Willingness to see more truth; Humility; Knowing Christians; Becoming “rich”; Prov 15:27; Capitalism is an endowed right; Romans 13; Greedy for gain; Prov 1; Why you are under tribute; Unbiblical constitutions; Fear not; Gather as Christ commanded; Inflation; Learning how to be free; Seeking His kingdom; Distorting history; Ps 69:22 -> Rom 11:9; “Table” = “bank”; YOU ARE the reserve fund; Fervent vs Legal charity; Organize yourselves!

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