Key 2236 – Clarifying Capitalism

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2236

The Kingdom of God is capitalist because its people have full ownership of the fruits of their labor. Unlike the citizens of most nations today which are in the bondage of Egypt.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 21, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Kingdom Reserved Fund; Self-governing voluntary community; Refusing “government” aid; Societal degeneration; Climate change; Virtue; Biblical capitalists; “Capital” based on “head”; Concentrating value; Property rights; Labor: means of production; Abraham’s wealth; Family laws; Damnable heresies; Christ’s doctrines; Being like Christ; Raising pigs; Farming; “Capitalism” defined; Capitalists in nature; Disregarding the law; Killing care; Welfare snare; God’s natural way; Covenanting with worldly gods; Sabbath; Cause/effect universe; Paying your tally of bricks; Overcoming today’s bondage; Altars of stone and clay; Strengthening the poor; Loving others as yourself; Do what Christ said.

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