Key 2235 – Banking on the Kingdom – Part 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2235

We must learn to be diligent in what Jesus called the weightier matters in order to return to true capitalism and equal weights and measures.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 21, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Banking; Turning over “tables”?; “Trapezia” = “bank”; Charity for the people; No force; Doctrine of “sleep”?; Actual doctrines of Christ; Weightier matters; What is important? Love + charity + righteousness; Altering word definitions; “Religion”; Welfare by force; The art of the Temple; Mint?; Capitalism; Labor producing children; Chores; Allowing choice; Taking care of the moment; Doctrines of distraction; Demanding benefits from bankrupt nations; Tyranny in the hearts of the people; Gain without usury; Desiring truth; Sharing truth; Evil bankers?; Reserve funds; Inheritance; Participating in debt; Covetous practices; Deceitful meats; Constantine’s financial woes; Temples = government service buildings; Using “notes” as money; Edward Mandell House; Advocating the Federal Reserve system; Organizing in Tens, Hundreds and Thousands; Listening to Holy Spirit; Loving your enemy; Legal Title; Turning back to righteousness; Slothful under tribute; Mercy; Products of YOUR labor; Wise charity; Right/responsibility to choose; Gleaning; Socialist states; Jesus in the Temple, turning over tables; Forgiving debt; You as the treasury; Acts 6; Seven men; Self-organized free societies; Fervent charity; Daily ministration; Social Security; (Property) use tax; Killing care; Wearing out Moses; Reviving care; Corban; Sacrifice; Tithing according to service; Legal charity; LBJ plan; Federal Reserve system; Cashing notes story; Lawful money; Realizing your situation; Goat? Or Sheep?; The way of Christ; Altering your thinking; Rights linked with responsibility; Born again?; Ruling your neighbor? Legislating morality; War on poverty; Caring for one another; Edict of Milan; Seek His Kingdom and His Righteousness.

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