Key 2234 – Banking on the Kingdom – Part 2

One’s capability of banking on the Kingdom is dependent upon his daily ministration of pure religion.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 14, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Temples as banks; “Tables” = bank; US Notes; Viet Nam; Graven images of God/Christ; Worldly gods; DMV story; USC 42 s/s 666; Evidence of membership; Christ’s rules for ministers; Non-biblical constitutions; Stifling free speech; Fascism; Relying on your larceny; “Ekklesia”; “Symposia”; Who are “called out”?; Diligence; Taking care of your neighbor; Body of Christ; Becoming perfect; Indian stories; Dominion; Fractional reserve banking; Laying down your life; Defending the golden calf; Denominations; Ez 7:19; Wrath of God; Ez 44:12; Rom 11:9; Stumbling blocks; 1 Sam 25:31; Being tested; The solution; Returning every man to their freedom; What saves you?; Legislating morality; Repent of state welfare.

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