Key 2233 – Banking on the Kingdom – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2233

Many recognize the tyranny of their governments and the worthlessness of their money. Until they awaken to their own covetous practices and exercising of authority, they won’t find freedom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 14, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Hating free speech; Fear of truth; Guidance through misinformation; Truth about yourself; USC Title 42 section 252; Freely sharing; Ignorance of the law; section 666; True Christians; Importance of humility; Bondage of Egypt; Getting God to hear you; Kingdom basics; Who’s your authority?; “family”; Public schools by force; Covetous practices making you merchandise; Student loans; Social Security insolvency; Christ had to leave; “Heaven”; Trees: Life/Knowledge; No exercising authority; Love and righteousness; Vessels of the Holy Spirit; Eph 5:21; Submitting to Holy Spirit; US Constitution instrument of bondage; Right to contract; Seeing your failings; Institutions of covetousness; Poising your children; Federal Reserve; Real money?; “Coining” money; Just weights and measures; Temple of Moneta; Stanek v. White; Natural law; Problem with “Notes”; Substance and value; Musical notes; Fiat money?; Redeeming notes; Lawful money vs legal tender; Discharging debt; Who owns your property?; Understanding the law – not on your side; Obsession with dominion; Jubile; Getting back to God; Finding the truth; Christ’s instructions for salvation; HJR 192; Why Panama?; Remaining redemption; You are a surety for debt; Christian kingdom – Voluntary society; Learning righteousness; Degenerating society through welfare; Daily Christian practice; Kennedy and US Notes; Viet Nam?; Nazis fighting nazis?; Cursed children; Marriage licenses?; Complicit churches; Outlawing immorality?; Oppression not allowed; Addiction to benefits; Perfect savages; The way to a free society; What are you waiting for?; Christ’s treasury; Church of Constantine; The body of Christ; Kingdom within you; Giving choice to others; Finding salvation; Judge not; Bring the love of the Holy Spirit.

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