Key 2232 – Colonel Edward Mandell House Misquote

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2232

A quote attributed to Edward Mandell House, seemingly falsely, provides insight into how distorted our sense of both history and religion has become.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 7, 2022

Show Notes

00:01:15 Edward Mandell House; Bondage of Egypt; Five elements of a biblical constitution; Woodrow Wilson and Federal Reserve
00:07:40 Covetous Practices; Magna Carta; FDR and Pearl Harbor
00:10:40 Russia; Ukraine; NATO
00:13:20 Guru Theories
00:15:28 FDR’s Day of Infamy; Greg’s dad was a scout in the military, knew Hubert Humphries, Bush’s (gregbio)
00:24:07 Light Saber; Elon Musk; Doers of the word; Tithing; Internationals
00:29:50 Wages of Unrighteousness; Corban of the Pharisees; Freewill Offerings; Charity; Levites
00:33:20 Thomas Sowell; Social Security; FDR; LBJ; Edward Mandell House quote
00:35:00 Oaths; Income Tax
00:40:40 Golden Calf; Temples; Banks
*00:44:15 Fathers of the Earth; Benefactors; Merchandise; Curse Children
00:48:00 Sanhedrin
00:53:00 Biting One Another; Tens Hundreds and Thousands; Religion; Fraud

Paul’s Notes

Edward Mandell House; Chattel – economic slaves; Deut 17; Bondage of Egypt; Climate change; Straying from the Gospel; Magna Carta; Pearl Harbor; Ukraine; Getting the whole story; Understanding human nature; Altering the heart of America; Father stories; Surviving Egypt; Imparting truth; Creating voluntary societies; Tithing; Daily ministration; Opinion vs truth; Hearing the word; Wages of unrighteousness; Benefits by charity; Social Security; “Very soon – registering biological property…”; Pledging; Income tax; Compelling submission; “Fiat” currency; Israel’s golden calf; Temples as banks; Sacrifice; Becoming collateral; Substituting Holy Spirit; Power-seeking governments; Taking away choice; Creating American utopia; Love = sacrifice; The solution; Free practice of religion; Gather together in love.

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