Key 2226 – Separation of Church and State – Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2226

To reestablish the separation of Church and State, you must first recreate the “state” of your own house and the ministry of the Levites.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 16, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Church and State; Thomas Jefferson’s letter; No laws establishing religion; Religion is not synonymous with Church; Ten commandments; One purse; Covetous practices leads to bondage; Religious duty; Called-out Church; Worship; Knowing how to help; Christ’s Church; Homage; Social virtues; Restoring natural rights; Force and fear; Caesars’ utopia; Seeing the solution; Allowing enslavement; FDR’s New Deal; Cursing your children; Helping people help others; Religion of Saul; Husband/wife team; How the early Church worked; Christ’s weightier matters; Levites; Golden calf; Arts of the Temple; Conquered people; Acts 6; Creating free assemblies; Cities of refuge; Deciding good and evil for you; Following righteousness; Ekklesia; Mt 25:32; No exercising authority; Pursuing Christ’s way; Meat with blood in it; 2 Cor 6:17; Fellowship with unbelievers; Honorable tithing; Communion; Righteously caring for needy; Erastus; Practicing pure religion and the perfect law of liberty; Belong to God.

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