Key 2225 – Separation of Church and State – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2225

Almost everyone participates in the worship of a state religion because they no longer understand the true meaning of the phrase “separation of church and state.”

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 16, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Twitter purchase; Schools as tools; More on Abraham; What is the truth?; The two trees; Humility; Cannon of the bible; Bringing light into darkness; Born again from above; Caring for neighbors; Hebrew language; Setting down preconceived notions; Double-tav; Faith in spirit and truth; Gimmel – cause and effect universe; “Garden” = protected place; Protection from lies; Idolatry; Living at the expense of others; Killing care; Becoming free souls under God; Socialism; Capitalism; Property rights; What you do with your wealth; Redistribution; Sharing; Freewill offerings; Biblical free societies; Modern churches’ misguided focus; Separating church and state; Church service; Christ’s commanded organization; Daily ministration; Tribalizing society with social media; “states”; Empires; Worlddainties” provided by force; Censorship; vs Free Speech; Having conversations; Gender?; Lack of logic; Keeping society free; “Religion” based on the bible; US Constitution not biblical; Allowing choice; Covetous practices are idolatry; Jefferson’s separation of church and state (1802); The Church’s doctrine; Seeking the kingdom of God; God’s ego?; “Worship” = fulfillment of duty; Doing the will of the father; Davey Crockett story; Establishing religion; “states” as republics; Corban = sacrifice/treasury; Relating to Social Security; = RELIGION; Modern “worship” = feeling; Used to be homage, submission; “your worship” title; Purpose of Church vs purpose of civil government; Whose table do you set?; Time to repent; Being of the world church; Owning nothing; Listening to liars; Returning to your natural rights; Degenerating society; Social duties; Legal charity; Harmonize with Christ.

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