Key 2224 – Measuring Truth

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2224

With an unparalleled understanding of international law, Jesus organized his people in free assemblies which allowed them to provide for each other while rejecting the welfare from government temples and gifts from benefactors who exercised authority.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 9, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Dearths in the land in the bible; “limos” = shortage; Corporation of God; 3-party contracting; Marriage licensing and registration; Breaking contracts; Roman temples; Social welfare systems; Sacred protection for ministers; Thwarting corruption; Forcing contributions; Kingdom appointed to apostles; “Church”; Who canonized the bible?; Misinterpreting Moses; Doctrines of Jesus Christ; Constantinian church; Ecumenical councils; Following the real Christ; Taking care of the needy; Using the bible; Are you doing the will of the Father?; Where might we be straying?; Ask questions; Interact; The legal mind of Christ; His form of government; Elder-supported network of charity; What can you afford?; Choosing your government; Setting captives free; Is the “State” your father?; Change the way you think/act.

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