Key 2223 – Dearths in Our Land

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2223

Dearths are an oft-repeated subject in the Bible. However, between the different languages of original texts and the inconsistency of translations, it is difficult to see connections between them. Those connections are vital to understanding our present dearth.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 9, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

“Dearth”; People shortage; Forest management; Practicality in education?; “Religion”; Believing in “God”; Understanding the Old Testament; Cognitive dissonance; Dearth of common sense; Seeking the truth; Medical kidnapping; Power corrupts; Unproven accusations; Proving innocence?; Born again? Or strongly deluded?; Becoming Real Christians; Medical kidnapping story; Food as your medicine; Natural immunity; Real Christians don’t covet; vs Imaginary Christians; Modern Christian misconceptions; First Christians were Jews; No exercising authority; Temple assistance; Hearing the Holy Spirit; “Dearth” = Greek “limos”; Emperors and Christ; Christian Jews in Rome; Matt 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 4:25; Climate change?; Acts 7:11; Dearths leading to bondage; Inability to own gold, land, children…; Sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; Understanding nature; Acts 11:28; Thriving through dearths; Union and discipline of Christians; World-wide organized network of charity; Choosing foolishness; FEMA?; Trusting 7 men; Friends of Christ’s Church; Asking governments to take from your neighbor; Christian conflict; Why do bad things happen?; Who inherits the kingdom?; Back in the bondage of Egypt; Legal Charity; Devaluing money; Implementing the solution; Standing fast; Extending liberty to your neighbor; Denying Holy Spirit; Seeing the problem; Finding kingdom within you; Galatians; “Apostolic”; Orthodox?; Societal categorization; Jews? Gentiles? Pharisees? Sadducees? Zealots? Essenes?; Pretenders; Epistles written before “Gospels”; “Church” legally defined; Rituals and ceremonies; Aiding your neighbor; Christ’s weightier matters; Call no man “father” upon the earth.

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