Key 2227 – Nullification – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2227

Proper nullification can only be done by a righteous people. And the ultimate State of centralization for righteous people is the family.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 23, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Men can create too; Two trees in the garden (protected place); Full armor of God; Destruction by vanity; Mule skinners; Indian story; Why eat of the Tree of Life?; Understanding timing; Following Holy Spirit; Truth about the “world”; World hating Jesus; Knowing spirit; Sacrifice; “Disciples”; Christ’s form of government; Preparing for catastrophe; Signs in the sun; HHC History; Spiritual and physical realms; Putting people on pedestals; Respecting persons; “Born again”; Hiding from God; Are you doing evil?; John 7:7; False churches; Emotionalism vs Spirit; Church and State; Laying down your life righteously; Imagined salvation; Idolatry; Clinton Executive Order 13083; “Nullification”; Only one salvation; Workers of iniquity; Thomas Jefferson’s letter; Church =/= Religion; Saul’s folly; Right to sin; Christ’s solution; Seeking righteousness; Freedom is the ultimate division of power; God’s natural corporation; Christians are not insurrectionists; “Dead” – to us; Doctrine of nullification; Being “in the word”; Traitorous translators; Spirit first; Having a ruler; Perfect Law of Liberty; Charity; Jesus’s timing; Finding the Holy Spirit; Baptism of Christ; Sanhedrin; Legal strategy of Christ; Returning to (The Church of) Christ; John 7:6; Free bread and circuses; Seeing with spiritual eyes; Blindness to the gospel; Weakening the poor; Bondage of Egypt – how have you gotten there?; Covetous practices; Altering history; Find the way of righteousness.

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