Key 2201 – Remission Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2201

Is the remission of sins possible for people who continue their covetous practices and refuse to gather in the tens, hundreds, and thousands as commanded by Jesus?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 1, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Setting the captive free; What did Jesus say?; Context is critical; Misunderstanding Paul; John 3 and “Born Again”; Denying Christ’s directives; Forcing your neighbor to provide your benefits is evil, not love; Hating the light; “Clinic” story; Dumbing down society; The new “Normal”; “Remission” – 10x in bible (aphesis); 7 more times as another word; Release from bondage; Joseph’s bondage; Egypt’s bondage; Your neighbor’s bondage; Mt 26:28; Parable teaching; Christ’s blood shed for many for remission of sins; What sins?; Adam’s (original) sin?; Blasphemy?; Commandments?; Pilate judging Christ; John 3:17; John 5:34; MIGHT be saved; Networking the body together; “Religion”; Altars; Rom 10:1; 1 Thess 2:16; Repentance required; James 2:12; Patterns of creation; Why you are deceivable; John 14:21; 1 John 5:2; Who’s preaching Christ?; Patience of saints; Living by fear; Ex 20:6; “Commandments” = guiding statements; “Honoring” father and mother; Becoming part of Christ’s network; Caesar’s offices; Recognizing Rome in the United States; The Christian Conflict; Free bread and circuses; The “Way” of Christ; Contracting with world gods; Essenes; Worldly governments naturally doomed; Force vs service; John the Baptist’s difference; Knowing your children are cursed; Titus 1:16 = Modern Christianity; James 2:17; Nicolaitans; Appetite for benefits by force predominant today; Not to be that way with us; Christ is the answer; Ending socialism (one purse); “Legal Charity”; Mk 1:4 baptism of repentance; Denying love; Unrighteous wages; The burden you’ve created; Social Security has never been solvent; Vitamin D deficiency; The whole truth; Lk 3:3; Repentance leads to remission of sins; Seeking righteousness; Lk 24:45 Understanding; Ministers of Christ teach repentance; Charity and grace; Acts 2:38; “Gift of Holy Ghost”; Immersion in repentance; Letting go of darkness; What God has said from the beginning; Is 42:7; Mic 7:8; Mt 11:5; Mk 10:51; Laws done away with; Lk 7:21; Awaken to your bondage.


[00:00:46] Remission of sin; Setting the captive free, liberty; Forgiveness; Deliverance
[00:10:25] Home Church
[00:13:30] Schools; Dumbing down education to dismantle America; Schools as Tools
[00:18:00] Remission in the King James
*[00:26:33] John 3:17 World might be saved
[00:32:58] Religion; Abraham’s Altars
[00:41:00] Polytheism vs Monotheism
*[00:47:00] Commandments
*[00:48:50] Augustus Caesar; Emperator; Apotheos, Christian Conflict
[00:55:00] Gods: Theos, Elohym; Were Jesus and John the Baptist Essenes?
*[01:00:20] Herod’s system of forced taxation; Gabbai, Mokhes; John the Baptist’s alternative
[01:04:41] Titus 1:16; Benefits by force; Julius Caesar
*[01:09:18] Polybius
*[01:13:00] One Purse; Legal Charity
[01:17:36] Social Security
[01:18:15] 50% of early COVID deaths in Sweden were Somalis; Vitamin D
[01:26:35] Understanding
*[01:36:00] Paul: Law is done away with

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