Key 2193 – Christianity as a Nation Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2193

People schizophrenically pray to the kingdoms of the world for their daily bread while claiming to be born again because they don’t understand that Jesus appointed a kingdom (at hand) that operated outside other governments.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 18, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Government of God; Took from Pharisees, appointed to disciples; “Jesus Christ is King”; Pilate’s position; Why Rome was there; Defiling the Temple; Your ministers; Where is your salvation?; Christ told you; John 3; Are you born again? Or under strong delusion?; The evidence against you; Becoming the nation of God on Earth; Cemeteries?; Rev 11:18; Kingdom of God = Kingdom of Heaven; Daily Ministration; Great destroyers; Rev 19:15; Rev 20:3; Rev 22:2; Where are the inhabitants of the Kingdom?; Why say but not do?; Are you turning around?; “peculiar”; shem-gimel-lamad-heh; Titus 2:14; Being zealous for good works; 1 Pe 2:9; “gentile”; Being God’s Holy nation today; Ekklesia; Obtaining mercy; No slackers in the kingdom; Honest “conversation”; Turning the world upside-down; “visitation” – widows and orphans; Submitting to governors?; Owing Caesar; Surviving freedom; Kingdom form of government = Republic; Duties and rights; Realizing your slothfulness; Does this work?; The way out; Christ’s weightier matters; Continue the conversation.


*[00:00:45] Jesus said he was going to take the government away from the Pharisees; Appoint a kingdom
*[00:03:15] King of the Jews; Pontius Pilot
*[00:05:45] Sanhedrin; John the Baptist
*[00:08:00] Curse Children; Social Security; Salvation; Born Again; Strong Delusion, Covet, Tens Hundreds and Thousands
[00:11:27] Why meet in cemeteries?
[00:12:40] Revelations 11:18
[00:15:08] Kingdom of Heaven
[00:18:25] COVID deaths; Spontanious Abortions
[00:20:39] More from Revelations; Gog and Magog;
*[00:25:48] Peculiar People = Peculiar Treasure
*[00:31:05] Gentile = Another Nation
[00:33:35] Ekklesia
[00:39:00] “Conversation”; “Visitation”
[00:54:34] Little flock of called out; Weightier Matters; World; Corban; Gabbai; Mokhes

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