Key 2192 – Christianity as a Nation Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2192

Modern Christians fail to understand that the baptism of John and Jesus involved nationalism…switching from one national affiliation to another.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: December 18, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Sitting in darkness; Humility required; Private interpretation – what YOU THINK is true; Questioning all things; “Born again”; Mt 12:40; Jonah 1:17; Revelation of the Holy Spirit vs your Intellect; Original languages; “Trinity”; The “Way” of Christ; Be in one accord with Him; John 3:5; Baptism politics; Appointing the 70; High Priest; Following blind guides; Law of cause and effect; Non-compliance? Or Repenting?; “Gentiles”; “Nationalism”; Another king; Your accepted lord and savior; “Augustus Caesar”; Roman revolution; American independence; Owning the land; 1913 American Creed; Deeds of the Nicolaitans; Realizing context; Making the word of God of none effect; Democracy within a republic; “Gabbai”; Loving darkness?; Media/Church/Government deceptions; John’s baptism and jurisdiction; FDR’s public religion; JesusChurch – “not to be that way”; Modern church – Okay to covet; Doing what Christ said; His process; Forming congregations of record; Repent – new cause for new effect; “Nationalism”; Political independence; Paul’s “polituma”; Constantine’s church; “Nation” – Native with common ancestry or place; Abraham’s journey; “Altars” of living stones; David Crockett article; Common systems of law; Keeping commandments; Doing contrary to Caesar; Promoting charity; Societal degeneration; What is righteousness?; Who’s your king?; Republics; Pompey’s invitation to Israel; US Constitution – people were not a party; Emphasizing values; Reaping effects of sloth; Natural obligations of a free people; Promoting mutual safety; Legal definition of “Church”; “Religion”; Christ’s free society; Weightier matters; Church “general” and “specific” – one form of government; No exercising authority; Your chance to repent; Gospel of the Kingdom; Do the will of the father.


[00:01:22] Sitting in darkness; Humility; Question all things?
[00:05:03] John 3; Born Again
[00:06:00] Matthew 12:40; Three days and three nights; Jonah swallowed by a whale; Son of man in the heart of the earth
[00:11:28] Trinity
[00:13:57] Born of water and of the Spirit; Baptism
[00:16:40] Jesus appoints 70 for his Sanhedrin
[00:21:30] New mandates in Oregon
[00:22:35] Gentiles = other nations; Jews were gentiles to the Romans; No more Greek or Roman; Christianity is a nation
[00:24:02] Nationalism; Augustus Caesar, Tarquinian Kings of Rome; The “free men” in early America were the actual owners of the land
[00:30:25] Master = Teacher; Merchandise
[00:32:45] FDR
*[00:34:10] America was a republic long before 1776; Pilgrims;
[00:36:20] Gabbai; Mokhes; Social Security
[00:39:05] Changing Cause of Death from cancer to COVID; Rising deaths among vaccinated
*[00:43:45] Seek ye first the Kingdom of God – Nationalism; Baptism was a jurisdictional sign; Public Religion; Benefactors
[00:49:15] Tens Hundreds and Thousands; Merchandise; Repent
[00:53:22] Nationalism; Constantine; Polybius
[01:00:05] Abraham left Huron; Moses was heir to the throne in Egypt; Altars; Nimrod; Davey Crockett
[01:07:25] Bouvier’s definition of nations
[01:10:15] Weightier Matters
[01:11:16] Second definition of a nation; Why pirates weren’t a nation; Nationalism vs Patriotism
*[01:20:15] Abraham’s altars, the early Israelites, and the early church were considered a republics
[01:30:55] Definition of “The Church”; Corban of the Pharisees
[01:36:15] Pure Religion vs Public Religion

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