Key 2202 – Remission Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2202

You aren’t prepared for remission from the government because you remain dependent on their benefits since you aren’t attending to the weightier matters.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 1, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

“Remission” in the bible; Rom 3:25; Release from bondage (of sin); Holy Spiritual guidance; Evil, covetous practices; Involving family; Corpus Juris Secundum; Natural vs civil law; Consequences of sin; Baptism of Repentance; Bondage of Egypt; Preparation for famine; Crop failures; “Meat”; Tribute; Modern church not preaching Christ; Republic; Can’t save yourself; DO like Jesus; Enticing you; Public schools; Seeing the meaning of the bible; Un-salaried ministers; Rome recognized Christ; Fitting together the bible; Fixing covetous practices; Undermining understandings; The path to freedom; Challenging false preconceptions; Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38; Immersion in repentance; Lk 1:79; Love of neighbor; Fear not!; Serving the people; See the pattern; Laying down your life; Changing society toward Christ’s way; Spread these messages; Take responsibility; Rom 3:13; Mt 23:23; Militia; Mt 15:18; Pure Religion; Persevere together; Forgive; Recreate free society.


[00:01:48] Remission shows up 10 times in the bible
[00:05:15] Are you really born again if you are still coveting your neighbor’s goods?
[00:07:20] Corpus Juris Secundum – The body of (natural) law
*[00:11:33] Bondage of Egypt; Merchandise; Works of Iniquity
[00:13:00] US used to store grain; Joseph and Egypt grain storage;
*[00:19:19] Tithe to Levites; No blood it meat
[00:23:40] False-positive COVID tests
[00:24:56] Romans 3:25 Faith in his blood
[00:28:55] Paul’s tent-making business
[00:33:50] American Revolution was legal due to the uniqueness of the American Charters
[00:41:10] Coming rise of death rates in America; Decimation
*[00:44:55] Idiotes; US government will set people free but they will have to give up benefits
[00:53:21] Weightier Matters; How early America attended to the weightier matters

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