Key 2121 – Recognizing Christ in You

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2121

We use Jordan Peterson’s “Twelve Rules for Life” books as a launchpad to discuss deeper Kingdom principles.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Rules for eternal life; Process for seeking; Repentance; COVID vaccine; Tools to think with; Metaphysics; Kingdom network; Cities of Refuge; “Great Reset” empire; Knowing the real Christ; Christ’s commands; Constructs – seeing the evidence; Evidence of faith; Why Christ had to leave; Developing ability to love; Usurping God’s judgement; Ontological Shock; Jordan Peterson’s rules; Endorphins are not the Holy Spirit; Weeping; Casting bread upon waters; Fraternity; Recognizing Christ in you; Love requires truth; Dying from lies; Finding value in others; Practicing forgiveness; Order vs chaos; Consequences of chaos; Humility to change; How did we get here?; Embracing logic; The amazing human body; Why construct walls?; Abraham’s altars.


[00:11:35] Faith without works is dead
[00:16:20] Entalogical Shock
[00:17:25] Jorden Peterson’s 12 Rules
[00:18:30] Evidence of the Holy Spirit
[00:22:25] Fraternity and brotherhood
*[00:53:14] “We are the wall!”; Abraham’s altars

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