Key 2120 – Metaphysics Controlling Physical Reality

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2120

Universal truths from the metaphysics of the parallel universe from which our physical reality explodes.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Inaccurate definitions; What saves you; Substituting the Holy Spirit; What should we be doing?; “Christian”?; Networking by Christ’s command; Consistent messages throughout the bible; Seeing the whole truth; Cancel culture; Social welfare system of charity; Doing the word; Immunity deniers; Worshipping medicine; “Metaphysics”; Beyond material reality; Intelligent designer; Big Bang theory; Religions; Forcing contributions; “Nomology”; Tree of Life; Seeing through the eyes of the Holy Spirit; Metaphysical “grounding”; Piety – respect for our father; The “name” of God; Order vs Chaos; Good vs Evil; Light vs Darkness; Chaos/Evil/Darkness don’t exist – absences; Finding truth; Turning Chaos/Evil/Darkness into Order/Good/Light; All you need is “flow”; Big Bang – Something coming into a realm of nothing?; God?; Truth and Lies; Influence of Chaos is growing; Order must grow; The liberty of choice; Cause and effect; How to get the Holy Spirit in us; Original sin – not born with it but a choice; “Sequelae”; Immunity to toxins by exposure; Illness – shutting down failing cells; Infertility vs miscarriage; Closing the wombs of our daughters; Lie = less than truth; Apparent reason; Repentance = letting order in; Mea culpa; Prov 2:13; Seeking righteousness; Fact checkers; What makes you vulnerable to lies?; Idolizing our philosophy; “Strange women”?; Freewill offerings; Government stimulus; Prov 4:19; George Floyd’s death; Wicked dwelling in darkness; Prov 20:20; “We are here for the sake of each other”; Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life; “Love” is not “like”; God’s “love”; Going Christ’s way.


[00:08:40] Is “network” in the bible?
[00:12:45] Cancel Culture
*[00:13:23] Early church was a system of social welfare through charity
[00:18:43] COVID controversy
[00:22:00] Metaphysics
[00:26:25] Big Bang
[00:28:07] Religion
[00:30:23] Nomology
[00:35:09] Metaphysical Grounding
[00:37:33] Pious
[00:41:13] Alan Watts
[00:45:05] Order and chaos
[01:02:43] Sequela
[01:04:05] Spontaneous miscarriages and stillbirths after COVID vaccine
[01:26:51] Proverbs 4:19 The way of the wicked is darkness
[01:33:00] Jordan Peterson: 12 More Rules for Life

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