Key 2119 – Generating Generations

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2119

We use many quotes from Melissa Gilbert’s book “Committed” as a springboard to deeper truths about marriage and the importance of children as fruit of that team.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 27, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Bible language styles; Planetary dominion – dress and keep; Two trees; Real truth; Dealing with delusion; Man- kind; “Eat, Pray, Love” + “Committed” books; Incorrect assumptions; Society’s order and chaos; Inheritance?; Control of means of production; Christ and marriage; Women’s importance in the bible; Do you research?; Gen 2:23; Mutual, symbiotic relation; Matt 10:5; Marriage event in community; Mark 10:10 Adultery; Christ’s other institution; Love’s essential sacrifice; Honoring parents; Sabbath keepers; More “Committed” quotes; Sacrifice vs selfishness; Sharing lives strengthening community; Purpose of marriage; Adults without children; Generating generations; Tough love; Wasting life; Overcoming hard times; Forgiveness; Additions to unforgiveness; Stories of ancestry; Freedom by extending liberty; Strengthening your family; Living as a team; Home birthing; Single-parent families destroying community; Pure Religion; Christian FEMA; Caring via charity; Doctrines of Christ; Drawing near to God; Hard times to come; Be prepared.


[00:00:59] Allegories of Eden; Tree of Good and Evil as a “source.”
[00:05:50] Polygamy
[00:13:34] Bone of my bone; marriage
[00:18:32] Instituion of the Levites and national charity
[00:22:48] Melissa Gilbert quotes about noncommitted marriage; Proper marriage is a team
[00:34:01] People who need people
[00:38:11] Sacrifice for raising children vs praying to the State for their provision
[00:43:25] Marriage does not benefit women as much as men?
[00:45:11] Homebirth
*[00:47:38] Early Christians setup a welfare system called “pure religion
[00:51:49] COVID lies

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