Key 2118 – Mankind: Women

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2118

We use Melissa Gilbert’s books “Eat Pray Love” and “Committed” to clear-up some misunderstandings in popular society about men, women and their relationships.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 27, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes


[00:01:45] Importance of networking in time of censorship and de-platforming
[00:05:40] Relationship of men and women
[00:08:10] Cause and effect universe means we can predict what will happen in culture based on history
[00:14:25] Woman included in the term “man” or “mankind”; Person is exclusive
[00:16:55] Woman is a vessel
[00:18:10] Creation and intelligent design
[00:21:11] Blame in Eden vs facing truth and responsibility
[00:26:30] If a man think he is wise, let him marry. If he thinks he is patient, let him have children.
*[00:27:45] Let women keep silent in church [39:??]
[00:42:24] mRNA injection concerns
*[00:46:01] Anna in Luke
[00:50:58] Pour out my Spirit in the last days
[00:53:35] Eat Pray Love by Melissa Gilbert
[00:55:03] Men sleep closest to door; mouth of cave; protect wife and children from danger
[00:59:01] Melissa Gilbert – Committed
[01:01:43] Love a cat has for a bird
[01:03:19] More Melissa Gilbert
[01:04:21] Proverb: Marriage and stalled ox; Song of Solomon
[01:14:30] More Melissa Gilbert
[01:26:43] Black community weakened by welfare
*[01:30:20] Know yourself to know your spouse; If you want to oppress a people, first you oppress its women.
[01:33:29] Symbioses of herd and herdsman

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