Key 2117 – Malachi 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2117

Our study of the book of Malachi continues in chapter 4 which shows what happens when the people fail to fulfill their personal responsibilities to organize themselves in a way that central governments aren’t required.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 20, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Malachi and the priests; Paul understood; Seducing away man’s dominion; Binding and loosing; Translator-traitors; Force vs Charity; Temples; Circumcision of the heart; Scripture misunderstood; Testamental basics; Malachi 1 “torn”; National organization; Are you cursed?; “Storehouse”; Parens Patria; “Windows of Heaven”; Today’s brutish pastors; Righteous care; Malachi 4; What is “doing wickedly”?; Stall calves; Doing as Christ commanded; The whole law; Roasting sheep; Christ’s character; Hearing Christ’s voice; Joining the network; Recovering from wickedness; Choosing your “normal”; No oath-taking; Hireling oppression; Be not a surety for debt (Sabbath); The “way” of the Lord; Biblical “devouring”; Avoiding traps and snares; “Holy” = “separate”; Everyone needs the truth; Will you hear it?; Dealing with Christ’s “weightier matters”.


*[00:00:55] Paul misunderstood because Bible misunderstood
[00:08:30] Malachi review
*[00:09:00] Heaven’s Social Welfare System; Structure of the Kingdom [11:15]
[00:11:25] COVID: The Science
[00:14:40] Brutish pastors
[00:15:42] Storehouse
[00:17:59] Windows of Heaven
*[00:20:00] Lady Godiva; Davy Crockett
[00:23:02] Malachi 4
[00:28:24] Burning sheep story (gregbio)
[00:30:47] Malachi 4:5 Smite the earth with a curse; mRNA vaccine
[00:38:50] False swearers
*[00:40:29] Malachi 4:5 American Sorcerers
*[00:43:36] Income tax and bondage of Egypt; Social Security; Sabbath
*[00:48:10] YOU are the devouring beast [57:40]

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