Key 2122 – Incentivizing Isolation

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2122

It is important to distinguish between the original early church and the counterfeit later introduced by Constantine with its “instant Christians.”

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 13, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

World lifestyle changes; Yearly death rates not increasing; Shutdown raising suicide; Imaginary Christians; Redemption from our delusion; Our image of Christ contradicts truth; George Floyd’s death; “Acadia”; Fourth-century Christians; Blood money funding churches; Anathema to Christ; “Grooming”; Identifying delusion requires humility; Still your anger; Forgiveness; Monasticism; Isolation is anti-Christ; Acadia = noon day blahs; Inability to concentrate; Sense of uselessness; Nonsense in the media; Seeking your emotional reaction; Monastery realities; The other church; Inconvenient teachings of Christ; Cancelling heroes; Deleting history; Returning to the real Christ; Owning all things common; Religion = caring for needy; Strengthening the poor; Isolating you from your duty; Stoicism; Trinity?; Welfare; Ambrose the stoic bishop; Modern Christian mimicry; Constantinian Christianity; Having God in your heart NOW; Coming in the name of God; The miracle; Casting your bread upon the water; Forced isolation of Seneca; Neighbor interaction is key; Incorporation of Trinity into our soul; Leading others to the Holy Spirit; Process of repentance; Putting God into practice in your life; Our model is Christ; Moral requirements of charity; Incentivizing isolation; Who are Christ’s brethren?; Being drawn away from the kingdom; Alterations for your life; Good Samaritan parable; Levites and priests; Abraham’s army; Guaranteed income?; Thess 2:12; Pleasure in unrighteousness; 2 Cor 6:14; Unequal yoking; Je 22:13; How to repent; Lk 16:9; The only way out; 2 Thess 2:10; THE solution; Heb 8:12; 2 Pe 2:13; Feasting on benefits; Conquered people; NYT article: Guaranteed income; Single mother example; Government contrary to Christ; Weakening society; Schools as tools; Government matters; Being a peculiar people; Take the first step!


[00:02:34] Why were people so susceptible to the COVID delusion?
[00:10:33] Greek word “acadia”
*[00:12:17] Difference between early Christians and Constantine’s “instant Christians” [17:15]
[00:20:25] More on acadia
[00:20:55] Monasticism
*[00:27:24] Forbidden history of monasteries
*[00:33:54] How the Levites were organized
[00:38:42] Stoicism
[00:40:13] Marcus Arelius quote on Trinity
*[00:42:32] Ambrose was head of welfare [47:38]
[00:56:33] Popped rib turning railroad tie (gregbio)
*[01:12:05] No quotes from Jesus saying to take care of the poor
[01:15:11] Parabel of Good Samaritan
[01:17:18] Biological agent administered to military
*[01:22:00] Bible addressed income tax and other modern issues
[01:29:22] Child income tax credit

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