Key 2418 – Edmond Burke

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2418

Edmond Burke: If only modern Christians understood as much about the function of congregations. If only politicians understood as much about the function of government.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 16, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Increasing our message reach; Allowing Cains; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; Molding adamah; Adam’s extra breath; Extra-biblical information; Edmund Burke’s “Little Platoon”; Social contract; Creating law; Right reason; Pilgrim story; Feuding; Perfect law of liberty; Government of, for, and by the people; Navigation by stars; Replenishing the earth?; Private interpretation; Jar maker = leper?; “Corban”; “Exousia”; One-child contract; Edmund Burke history; Reorganizing society; Serving public interest; Learning the kingdom; Following the pattern to strengthen the pattern; US uni-party; Corruption; Where’s the sin?; Widespread violating moral law; Covetous practices!; Envy -> equality?; Legal charity; Loving neighbor as self?; Love = Charity; Who is more deserving than you?; French revolution; Synagogues – of Satan?; Militias; Care/love based on charity; Hardening Pharaoh’s heart; Learning to provide for one another; No force!; Social welfare trap; Christ’s “flesh”; Are you living by faith or force?; Repentance and righteousness; Owing predecessors; Following the real Christ; Free assembly; Promoting lawless society; Requirements for regaining freedom; Forwarding love through your network; Being Doers of the word; Helping others you don’t even know; Laying down life to save others; Militia functions; Fundraisers; Davey Crockett story; Legal charity destroys society; Does your church agree?; Working together; Pot luck; What made America great; Keeping the masses weak; Our own network; Work to improve yourself; Exercise your talent; Seek His kingdom and righteousness; Get involved!

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