Key 2416 – Fascism

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2416

Like the meaning of religion has changed since the time of Jesus, modern definitions of fascism no longer resemble what creators of the word intended. And society dives right in because it is no longer diligent toward the weightier matters.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 9, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

John 8 on State of the Union?; Warring against Christ’s way; “Devil”; Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; vs Tree of Life; Man’s dominion; Manipulating knowledge; Making poor choices; Holy Spirit enlightenment; Followers of Moses; Fascism; State of the Union = Bondage; Corvee; “Legal title”; Christ’s criticism of government; “I am”; Burning bushes; Avoiding speculation; Hearing God’s instructions; Doing God’s word; God doesn’t owe you; Accusing of own faults; Providing for whole truth; “Fascism” defined; Demonic deception; Modern Israel vs God’s Israel; Israel/Hamas conflict; Historic Judea; Passports and allegiance; Israelites and Canaanites; Oppression; “Internationals”; History alteration; Biblical alteration; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Learning God’s will; Rom 16:17; 2 Pe 2:18; 1 Cor 1:10 No division; Leaving judgment to God; Death of a loved one; Allowing others liberty; 1 Cor 11:18; Don’t censor; Gal 5:13-21 inheritors of the kingdom; 1 Cor 3:3-9; Public religion of Social Security?; Income Tax on labor; US Constitution; Deut 17; Appetites for benefits; First Civil War troops mission; Repentance; Siding with righteousness; The “way” of Abraham, Moses and Christ; Democracy vs Republic; Free assemblies; Desiring a ruler?; Defending the rich; 14th Amendment; “personhood”; Corporations; Tending to the living with righteousness; Law of nations; Excise tax; Waiving your rights; Sureties for debt; Debt to Jesus?; “Tens, hundreds and thousands”; Decrying the constitution; Titular authority; Landed Americans; Gold/Silver/Gun confiscation; Slothfulness; Militia; Campaign financing; Walking according to Holy Spirit; Christ’s “weightier matters”; Cleptocrats; Taxation due to covetousness; No excuses; Monitoring your minister; Knowing everyone in your free assembly; Public education; Law of Nature; Freewill offerings; A New Rome; Turning your back on God; Returning every man to his family and possessions; President = Caesar; “Apotheos”; “Free” benefits?; Have conversations; Gather with others; Empowering the people; Bringing light into the room; Love requires sacrifice; Sharing/charity; Reassemble God’s kingdom.

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