Key 2368 – Weightier Matters or Totalitarianism – Pt 3

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2368

A continuation of our look at Mattias Desmet’s book “Psychology of Totalitarianism” as a lesson in the problem of modern society due to delegating the responsibility daily ministration to those who exercise authority.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 23, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

God’s righteousness; Man’s government corruption; Corruption among the people; Dysphoria with the truth; Standing up for truth; Challenging yourself; Raising adults; The allure of legal charity; The welfare snare; Coveting your neighbors’ goods; Cities of blood; Just weights and measures; Striving for the kingdom; The 1971 “Jesus movement”; Working righteousness; Seeing your problem; “Conversation” (politumei) = kingdom citizenship; Free assemblies of peculiar people; Freewill offerings; Fleshpots – biting your neighbor; Body of Christ; Daily ministration; Tables of rulers; Loving your neighbors; Kingdom vs congregation; Prodigal sons; Conversation with each other; Ideologies; False Christs; Tree of Life; Emotional revival?; Revelation about YOU; Mechanism of Science; Selling yourself into bondage; One purse; Moving to “cities”; Civil governments; Commander-in-chief; Taking responsibility for your sin; Sharing truth; Letting go of anger; Forgiveness; Adultery; Usurping God; Ideological subversion; “Love”?; Sacrificing; Ten Commandments; Blaming others; Listening to Holy Spirit; Vanity vs humility; 1066 William the conqueror; Taking oaths; Who crowned William?; Diving right of Kings; Saul’s folly; Clergy of Constantine; Setting the captive free; Festivals; Protection draws subjection; The “world” of Rome; Opportunities of giving to others; The gods of your system; Insolvency of Social Security; Allowing your neighbor’s right to choose; Ex 23:32; “Put to death” metaphor; Altars; Love vs force (Totalitarianism); Prov 1:10; Swear not – stop taking oaths; Why people are in bondage; Your “conversation”; When America was great; Returning responsibility to family; Christ’s “weightier matters”; Corban of the Pharisees; Is your church comfortable?; Taxation is covetousness; Repentance; Jury nullification; Right reason = will of God; The Love of Christ; Thinking “kingdom”; World temples; Where the Gospel begins; The walking dead; Families bound by love; Loving truth; Share; Leave judgement to God.

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