Key 2361 – Goats and Scapegoats – Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2361

Attendees of modern churches place themselves in the goat category for accepting entire doctrines and creeds that are actually pure sophistry.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 19, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Real networking; Working for those willing to DO; Join to help others; Sheep; And goats; Separation; Distance from the kingdom; Hebrew letters are symbols of ideas; Avoiding sophistry; False followers of Christ and Moses; Living by force; Levites’ purpose; Hazards of gift-giving; Knowing your job; “Scapegoat”; aleph-zayin-lamad + ayin-zayin; Chasing goats; Revealing Moses’ teaching; Lev 7:23 eating fat?; Tearing from the beast; The Way of Christ; Inheritance; Irrevocable trusts; Robbing widows and orphans; Systems of love?; “Love” = sacrifice; Memetic desire; Honoring father and mother; Children imitating your actions; Leading by example; Mt 9:13 – calling sinners to repentance; De 29:4; Servant mentality; World systems of social welfare; Serving other gods; Living by faith; Writing upon your hearts and minds; Inspiration; Mass formation of psychosis; Eze 12:2; Wanting to neglect responsibilities; Wrath of God; Prov 20:12; Getting past your walls; Isa 6:9; Understanding the bible; Mt 13:11; Act upon what you see; Additional 1.5 hours to come…

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