Key 2362 – Urim and Thummim – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2362

As we continue to lay a foundation for our study of Ezra, we consider that he was addressing people who were leaving the social safety net of Babylon. What role did the Urim and Thummim play?

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 26, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Ezra and Exodus; Tree of knowledge vs Tree of life; Your opinion does not change God; Hiding from God; Denying responsibility; Knowing thyself; Bondage of Egypt; Reducing the value of money; Trajan’s persecution of Christians; Explaining Christianity; What the Torah says; Interpreting Abraham and Moses; Centralizing the Temple; Charity; Lovers of soft things; Cyrus’s release; Religion; Duties to God; Moses’ government; Ezra’s mission; Man’s errors; Your generations; World vs Christians; Private Religion; Free bread of Rome/Babylon/Egypt; Law of Nature; Hearing the cries of your brothers; Robbing widows and orphans; Repentance; Nazis?; “Cylinders”; How good was Cyrus?; Legalizing The Church; Ignatius of Antioch; Governing ourselves; Connecting dots; Republics; Democracies; What Christ said; Christian Roman Soldiers; Attacking delusion; Urim and Thummim = stones?; Ex 28:30; Ezra 2:63; Revealing the word of God; Eucharist; Impure Religion; Wave offering; World government religion; Coercive church; Word meanings; Living network of charity; Biting your neighbor; What you should do; Commandments; Honoring father and mother; Urim aleph-vav-resh-yod-mem = lights; Thummim tav-mem-yod-mem = perfection; Priest seeing truth?; John the Baptist; Investigating what you’ve been told; Kings and high priests; Sanhedrin; Corruption; Lawmakers; Executive orders; What made America great; Gabbi and Molchi; Ministers without authority; Peculiar people; Freewill vs force; Servant government; Returning to Jerusalem; Leaven; Altars; Conversation; Good news; Guarding against corruption; Constantine’s church; Kings in the home; Good news of hard times; Set the captive free.

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