Key 2302 – Awakening to the Medical Industrial Complex

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2302

Epoch Times interview with Dr Malone shows that his eyes are continuing to open to both the truth and the evil around us.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 7, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Interview with Dr Malone; Pre-planned propaganda; Widespread access to Internet and mobile phones; Fear trumps reason; Becoming a GMO; Grass-roots networking; People want to believe their government is good; Who’s the puppet master?; Signs and wonders; Living “kingdom”; Excuse-making; “Debt” in the Ten Commandments; Approaching Holy Spirit; Changing definitions of words; Going back to Liberty under God; Fleeing the Tree of Life; Honoring the creator; Addition to Tree of Knowledge; Echoing “news”; Fear of the truth; Manipulating data; Following the Holy Spirit; Censorship; “Memory holed?”; Public distractions; Dr. Shiva and Twitter; Playing the victim; Spirit of the beast; FDA/CDC separation; Spiritual problem; Exodus study program; Creating a better future; Prayer; Knowing what kingdom looks like; Setting your neighbor free; All about sacrifice; Righteous in generations; Caring for neighbors’ kids; Living in but not of their world; Extending God’s arm; Be an anointed instrument of God.

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