Key 2255 – Importance of Social Connections

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2255

A recent New York Times article covered a study on the importance of social connections. These connections atrophy under central governments. On the other hand, they flourish in the Kingdom of God which is built upon them.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 6, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Romans 13 video; No civil governments are created by God; Setting captives free; False doctrine; Knowing Moses; Strong delusion; Working iniquity; You are conquered people; Loving the whole truth; Seeking His kingdom and righteousness; Humility; Accepting that you may be wrong; Fitting the pieces together; Broken prophets; “exousia” – power to choose; Mt 20:25 “exercise authority”; Governments of the world; Mark 10:42; Luke 22:25; Jesus taking kingdom from Pharisees and appointing to little flock; Synagogue; Tens; Loaves and fishes; Choosing to share; Or choosing bondage; “Religion”; Kingdom you retain the right to choose; Daily ministration; Sons of God; Anointing; 1 Peter 2; Whose authority?; Creating free societies; Highly productive people; Rich and poor; Capitalists; Distributing wealth; God’s design vs man’s design; Bonds of love; Studying; Facebook friendships; Kingdom-seeking network; No king but Caesar; What the apostles were doing; Doctrine of Christ alone; “Nicolaitans”; Forfeiting your liberty; Blasphemy; Reducing poverty; Politeuma; Returning choice to the individual; Holy Spirit; Friend influence; God allows men to create governments; Inclusive division?; Charity; 1 Sam 8 corruption; Limiting rulers; Virtuous connections; Covetous practices; Focusing on Christ’s government; Ez 16:49 – The sin of Sodom; Strengthening the poor; Belonging to government; Power corrupts; “Blasphemy”; Critical thinking; God created family; Born poor; “Social capital”; Responsibility of choice; Making room for Holy Spirit; Diligence; Busted taillight story; FDR’s chaos; Consequences for bad choices; Communism by racial conflict; Fear not!

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