Key 2254 – Social Bonds of Tribalism

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2254

Social bonds come as naturally with tribalism and bondage comes with socialism. Our social bonds have broken down because covet our neighbors’ goods rather than come to their aid.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: July 30, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Consequences of not doing what Christ said; Non-Christian Christians; Living by violence; vs Charity; Showing up for neighbors; Societal virtues; Tribalism; Abraham’s tribes; Ur and Haran; City-states; Belonging to a king; Roman republics (tribes); Strengthening society; Altars of clay and stones; Sophistry; Taxes vs tithes; Inflation; Community defined; Sons of God?; The real solution; “The Beast”; And “The Harlot”; Seeking the kingdom; Culture = values/virtues to pass down; Voting for benefits; Sabbath; Welfare snares; Early Christian tribes; Local and traveling aid; Being a doer; Love is sacrifice; Knowing Moses and Jesus; Fathers of the Earth; Substitute Holy Spirit; Pontius Pilate; Historical nonsense; Join the Living Network.

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