Key 2230 – Soul of Freedom

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2230

The book “In The Dark Places of Wisdom” is used as a springboard to discuss the soul, physical vs spiritual minds, multi-dimensions, and more.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 1, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Church vs Religion; CovetAccepting lies; In/of the “world”; “woke”; “The Dark Places of Wisdom”; Meaning lost in translation; Physical and Spiritual realms; Mind and Soul; Creating your reality; Freedom = right to choose; FDR programs; Passports; Gypsies; “Charagma” = mark = badge of servitude = ID; Apostles/Ambassadors; Acting in the moment, dragging the past; “Turtledoves”; Capitalist Israel; Christ’s priesthood; Socialist programs; Keeping Christ’s commands; Influences on your spiritual mind; Free nation – free speech; 2 trees to choose from; Betraying God; Separation habits; Media brainwashing; Saving the whole world; Awakening your tree of life; Repentance; Mistaking emotion for spirit; Learn to choose wisely.

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