Key 2229 – Striving for Pre-Constantine Christianity

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2229

Much of modern Christianity has been built on delusions created by a counterfeit church to subvert the actual teachings of Jesus. Modern Christians are back in the bondage of Egypt while true followers of Christ seek The Way of freedom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: May 1, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Kingdom = government, ruling authority in your life; Understanding what Kingdom and Righteousness look like; Deeds of the Nicolaitans; Error of Balaam; Bondage of Egypt; Pessary; God – giver of life; Vacant cities; Christ’s free nation; “Gentile”; Careful criticism; “fake good news”; “Bishop”; Nicaean Council; Ambrose; Milan – command to become Christians; Humility; Lies accepted as truth; Threatened by opposing opinion; Twitter drama; Letting go of hate; Worshipping false images; Food shortages?; Fear and hate; Leaving judgement to God; God’s pronouns?; Spiritual and physical realms; Diminishing individual value; Wrath of God; Standing for righteousness; Fear not!; Recognizing your void of Holy Spirit; Listening; Learning to follow Christ’s “way”; Overseeing service; “World” power; Corporate church; “We the People”; Constitution = corporate charter; Wishful thinking; Who are you?; Knowing who you are; Remaining free; Constantine’s “bishops”; Church rank in Christ’s Church; Believing in symbols only; Have you gone back to the bondage of Egypt?; Lovers of darkness; “Born again”; Fruits of the Spirit; “Nicolaitans”; “Balaam”; Conquered people; Property ownership and Legal Title; Loving the light; Which spirit do you hear?; John 3:19; Filled with delusion – dysphoria about reality; Running from the Light of God; Doing truth; Redistributing wealth; Thanksgiving – happy to share; Freedom = right to choose; Sureties for debt; Welfare snare; Taxation – consequence of slothfulness; Charagma, identifying number, 666; Robbing widows and orphans; Finding true Christianity; “agape”; Do truth!

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