Key 2221 – Commonwealth vs Kingdom

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2221

A popular documentary creates the impression that a commonwealth is the ideal form of government. It has both a distorted understanding of history and of definitions.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: April 2, 2022

Show Notes

00:01:30 Paul uses words found nowhere else in New Testament; Pharisees’ interpretation of the Torah was considered to be a fiction and a fraud.
00:05:36 Tree of Knowledge
00:09:58 Greg studying bible at age 13 and 14 (gregbio)
00:13:05 Study to show thyself approved; Study = diligent
00:14:24 Russia monetized its rubles in oils and gold
00:17:11 The Covenants of the gods; Thy Kingdom Comes; The Higher Liberty; Contracts Covenants and Constitutions; Law of Nature
00:24:07 Documentary: The Ideas of the Commonwealth; Thomas Paine; HHC Video: Not My Tea Party; Polybius; Covetous Practices; Make You Merchandise; Charity
00:30:30 Meditation; Be Still and know
00:32:26 Bob Basso as Thomas Paine; Electoral College We the People; Bondage of Egypt; One Purse of Proverbs
00:46:04 Tweetle Dum and Tweetle Dee
00:47:34 First time Greg heard Bill Clinton (gregbio)
00:52:00 Covetous Practices; Biting One Another; Dainties of rulers and deceitful meats
00:59:00 Meaning of Commonwealth; States are countries; States were as foreign to one another and Canada is from Mexico; Republic
01:10:30 Year of Jubilee; Book of the Dead
01:16:00 Camel and the eye of the needle
01:24:00 Getting closer to the Spirit; Meditation (gregbio)
01:41:00 Burnt Offering; Sacrifice and Sophistry; Guru Theories

Paul’s Notes

Paul’s new words; “Messianic Jews”; Fictions and frauds; From which tree do you eat?; Home churches; Emotions impede understanding; “R”s and “D”s; Have you been had?; A place for the Tree of Knowledge; “Studying”; Being still; Russian impact on (petro) dollars; Law of Nature; Divine will; Understanding how we’re going wrong; Seeing yourself as you really are; Allowing choice; Fixing your spirit; “Ideas of the Commonwealth” movie; Thomas Paine; Inflation – the secret tax; Charity strengthens; “We The People”; Universal service?; Taxation without representation?; “One purse”; Prov 1:10; Taking away from others; Doctrines of Jesus; Tweedledee and Tweedledum; Recognizing lies and liars; Gathering in tens, hundreds and thousands; Socialism = one purse; Dainties of rulers (Prov 23:1); Are you a god?; Wages of unrighteousness; Christ cares about YOU; Speaking to fools; “Commonwealth”; Rich neighbors; Repentance; States originally separate countries; Biblical advice on agreements; “Republic”; Seeking truth to be free; Jubilee; Communication through the network; Difficulty getting into the kingdom; Eye of the needle; Laying down your life for others; Becoming merchandise; Why you can’t see the kingdom; The journey; Turning off intellect; Forgiving your enemies; Unloading baggage; Using legal tools; Burnt offerings; Kingdom differences; Bible – book for the government of, for and by the people; God is reasonable; Consequences of choice (wrath of god); Learn the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

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