Key 2111 – Influence of the Gospel of the Kingdom on the World

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2111

Lots of scriptures and other ancient texts warn about the dangers of socialism. But modern Christians aren’t aware of them because søcialism is happening as much in churches as anywhere.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Who has authority to be your ruler?; Obeying your ruler; The “Way”; Who is anointed?; Media spin on current events; Following the science?; Immunity deniers; Influence of the Gospel of the kingdom on the world; Being in love with the truth; Nature of a lie; Are you willing to see proof?; Appropriate reactions; Trump hate?; mRNA injection realities; The difficulties with lying; Facebook jail?; Having the humility/courage to examine the facts; Seeing the light; “Keys” not given to the pope; Needing the whole truth; Where’s the Garden?; Adam’s sin; The way to find truth; Cloward-Piven strategy; Destroying capitalism; Your dominion; Making the state your father; Defining socialism; Living networks of people; Dry bones; Are you a slave?; Passport-holder duties; Family dissolution; The seat of Moses; Useless idiots; Spirit of destruction; Unanswered prayers?; Works are evidence of faith; Josh 7:15; Metaphor in the bible; “Cancel culture”; Walking in forgiveness; 1 Cor 3:19; Saul’s folly; Getting back to Righteousness; What Abraham did; Division of power in a free government; Christ’s mission; Imaginary salvation; Bible study via; What’s your “normal”?; Corban of the Pharisees; War and crisis; Spinning “democracy”; Parties to the constitution; “We the People”; Eph 6:12; Modern Roman Empire; Sorceries and pharma; Are you doing what your king commanded?; Where’s your evidence?; History removed from schools; The real destroyers of liberty; No exercising authority; The Church’s mission; Sabbath; Socialism = coveting neighbor’s goods; Deu 32:5; Who’s your daddy?; Forced vaccination; Salvation where you’re at right now; Ps 5:5; Repent and work righteousness; Ps 37:1; Prosperity of the wicked; James 4:5; Socialism in your heart; Submitting to God; Don’t be double-minded; Realize your mistakes; Eph 4:14; Do what YOU need to do; Eph 5:6 Let no man deceive you with vain words; Sons of perdition; Seek truth, love righteousness!


*[00:01:24] How rulers get consent LISTEN
[00:03:54] Are the churches of the world under a strong delusion?; Two opposing worldviews around COVID;
[00:09:28] MyPillow guy – election fraud video;
[00:14:13] COVID – MRNA vaccine; Kate Brown
[00:24:00] Origin of phrase “Keys of the Kingdom”
[00:24:50] Pope problems
[00:26:00] Fall from Eden; Deciding good and evil
[00:30:28] Cloward-Piven Strategy
[00:34:50] Cloward-Piven targeted the breakdown of the black community
[00:37:12] Yuri Bezmenov warned about ideological perversion
[00:40:45] Phases of destruction
[00:42:45] Bills to end private property
*[00:45:33] Usurpers sitting in the seat of Moses [46:33] LISTEN
*[00:52:08] Wisdom of this world is foolishness with God
[01:00:33] Job 30:8 – Children of fools
*[01:03:20] Moral degeneration during war LISTEN
[01:08:13] more Yuri Bezmenov; Modern Christians are workers of Iniquity
[01:16:18] How John the Baptist’s welfare system worked
*[01:18:20] Plutarch’s warning about Socialism LISTEN
*[01:32:32] Socialism is growing because of the gospel of envy

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