Key 2273 – Prophets of the Beast – Part 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2273

Pastor Mark Knutson, who is trying to take away the guns of Oregonians, is a great example of a prophet of the beast.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: November 12, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Our conversation with the world; Which “conversation”?; Which “world”?; Examining contrary information; Seeing truth; False Christs; World elections; Right to choose?; Legislation limitation; Kingdom voting; Republics; God’s creations; Imprisonment; Taking away neighbors’ rights; Defending yourself; Public school taxes; Satisfaction in covetousness; The astounding wealth of the 1800s; Freedom of speech; Law in the kingdom; Measuring belief; Delusion in the media; Foolishness; False prophets; Listening to Holy Spirit; Born again?; Imaginary truth; Brainwashing; Cain’s way; Oregon measure 114; Natural right to self-defense; Militia; Hosea 4:6; The Saul syndrome; Christ as your king; Reverend Mark Knutson? Persecution of Early Church; Charity; Rome’s degeneration; Social Justice; Gun laws vs crime; Mass shootings; Ambrose; Apostate church; Socialist preachers; Forcing neighbors; Corban; Reforming public school; Illegal home schools; Shirking responsibility; Defending neighbors’ rights; Rev 16:13; Delusional “christians”; Rev 19:20; Image of the beast; Worshipping Rome; Pax Romana; Bondage of Egypt; Serving God; Rev 20:10; Symbolism; Lk 22:36; Living by the sword; Mark of the Beast; Benefits of the Beast; Savages; Devilish reverends; Lacking knowledge; Basic Christianity; Calling evil good; Repentances; Legal definition of “Church”; Helping sinners?; Make your choice; Coming together as Christ commanded; Embryonic republics; 1 Samuel 8; Going broke slower; Laying down your life for fellow man; 501(c)3; Real Christians; Bouvier’s “Church”; Show yourself approved.

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