Key 2262 – How Much Jesus Do You Believe In?

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2262

Many claim to “believe in Jesus.” But they don’t even know the doctrine of Jesus. Jesus hasn’t breathed into them because they aren’t coming in his name, i.e., representing his character.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 13, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Believing in another Jesus; Only one doctrine of Jesus; Light/darkness model; Spiritual reality; Contrast; Sons of God; Which savior do you pray to?; Doctrinal contrast; Marcus Tullius Cicero; Why Rome was in Judea; Melchizedek?; Dominion over this planet; Deception of freedom; Significance of 2BC; Rich Jesus; Enrollment of Pater Patria; “Unregistered”; Annual Temple tribute; Sacrilege; Altering the character of a people; Free money from the government; Tessera ID; “Idiotes”; Mourning Caesar; Learning the message of Christ – to set men free; Sparking interest in facts; The reasoning of God; Emotion vs Spirit; Game distraction; Find a humble position; Virtues; Whole doctrine of Christ; Corban of the Pharisees; Covenanting with the Temple; Charity!; Drawing near to God; Forcing neighbors; Loving the pulpit; Decluttering your mind; Appetites for benefits; Deceitful meats; Freewill offerings; Hebrew name/number of membership; Make your choice; Lack of knowledge and context; Networking in tens; Sharing with the needing; How are you providing for your neighbors?; Love requires sacrifice; Six mistakes according to Cicero; Divination; Escaping the system; Corruption from power; Where is the treasure of the kingdom?; “The Button” story; Making yourself subject; No coveting; Fixing your heart; Don’t worry; Learn to discern; No impossibilities; No straining at gnats; Foolish virgins; Breath of life; Developing your mind; Fake good news; Walking with Holy Spirit; Compelling others’ belief; Rise of savagery; Are you part of Paul’s “we”/”us”?; Be part of “us”.

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