Key 2112 – Redemption From Bondage

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2112

The whole world has returned to the bondage of Egypt. God has always offered another way in His parallel Kingdom. But the first step to redemption is to admit how covetous we’ve been in the former kingdom.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: February 6, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Living in bondage; Shooting your neighbor?; Spirit of destruction; Byproducts of socialism; Temple wealth redistribution; Levitical corruption; John the Baptist’s way; Synagogues; Organization of Tens; Are you seeking that?; What do your pastors teach?; The “Way” to freedom; Compare to your “way”; How to be saved; Readying for plagues; Case math; What’s the agenda?; Running towards evil; Do you love truth?; Holocausts; War’s civilian casualties; Fear no evil; Love your enemy; Electing Sauls; Forfeiting your right to choose; What Christ told you to do; Hate begets hate; Love drives out evil; Prov 14:5; Modern church lies; Prov 38 prayer; His story; Daily ministration; Aligning with truth; Being in the saddle; Strengthening the poor; Jude 1:4; Do you deny God?; Cloward and Piven strategy; Exploiting others; Choice is Liberty!; Wanting to serve; Today’s real crisis; Redemption – for you?; Corban; Impeaching Jesus; Understanding “redemption”; It’s your choice.


[00:02:37] Man shoots neighbors over shoveling snow
*[00:04:50] America’s turn toward socialism and the bondage of Egypt LISTEN
[00:19:30] Moses didn’t set people free. They had to prepare themselves.
[00:20:27] COVID was never a problem.
[00:25:50] Various holocausts due to socialism
*[00:30:09] Christ was trying to show you how the kingdom of God works?
[00:32:30] World is cultivating selfishness and producing hate.
[00:34:50] Privately funded charity
[00:42:35] Greg’s horse (gregbio)
[00:46:20] Corban of FDR
[00:47:33] Howard Zen’s exploitative view of the world
*[00:52:15] Redemption; Christ’s corban

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